Over the years we’ve collaborated on loads of exciting projects in order to raise significant funds to support our work. In some cases we’ve even been able to create opportunities for young people throughout the process. Here are some highlights from events and projects to inspire you to think of ways in which you may be able to collaborate with us. Please get in touch if you have an idea!

Secret 7 2012_AAK Web Banner_V13_preview.jpg

SEcret 7"

We were fortunate enough to be Secret 7” charity of choice. The event provided opportunities for us to create opportunity for the young people we support, they even hosted their own pop-up shop and collaborated with professionals to create a film.



In 2012, Tracey Emin designed a soap for AAK as part of the Liberty National Treasures limited edition collection. 3,500 engraved soaps with original artwork packaging with a poem by the artist were sold through Liberty’s and AAK’s gallery at the Box Park in Shoreditch with all proceeds going towards our work. Tracey Emin supported AAK “Because I am against people stabbing each other. Full stop.”


Lovebox festival

From 2010 – 2012, AAK was one of Lovebox Festivals community partners, helping us raise funds and awareness, and give young people performance opportunities. In 2012, we had a music van/stage at the festival with performances from leading DJs and a showcasing event for young local DJ talent. We also sold festival t-shirts created by 4 young British designers. In 2015, we returned with a pop-up nail bar and REBELUTION, the collaboration formed from the On_Track music project, performing on the Big Top Stage.